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community events

community event insurance essentials

Community type events are wide and various, and as such can be a complex issue. There are many exposures consider including the public, vendors, weather, property to name a few.


We are Specialist Event Insurance Brokers, we have arranged insurance for events of all types, large and small.


We have access to a wide variety of products and insurers to ensure your event has the most competitive insurance arrangement, which covers you for what you require.

The below list of products are the essential elements to a comprehensive insurance package, the list below is not exhaustive, we will design a package specific to your event


  • Event (Public) Liability

  • Property Insurance

  • Cancellation of event due to weather, abandonment or non-appearance

  • Voluntary Workers Personal Accident

  • Transit Insurance

planning your event

We can assist in pre-planning of your event with critical components to ensure your event is successful.

Expense Budgets

To ensure insurance costs are budgeted for prior to event fees being fixed


Disaster Recovery Planning

Ensure insurance underpins costs associated with the DR planning

Risk Management Plan

Access our free RMP template professionally constructed to ensure you event is safe


External Legal Advice

Access our Legal Partner services to ensure that prior to signing any contracts you are entering into are not onerous.

community event quote
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