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cancellation & abandonment

We are well aware of the amount of effort required to organise and stage events. There are a number of exposures that can impact on the financial success of an event. For example:


Is your event outdoors? Does your event rely on the arrival a main act? If road closures blocked access to your event would that effect your income? Cancellation and Abandonment Insurance covers the Net Loss if the event has to be Cancelled, Abandoned, Postponed, Interrupted or Relocated, in whole or in part.

You could have considerable financial outlay such as: 

•  Public Relations & Crisis Management

•  Traffic Management

•  Event Management

•  Talent Fees

•  Marquees, Staging, Sound & Lighting

•  Prepaid Catering

•  Venue Hire


Get a quote today for Cancellation & Abandonment Insurance or please contact us for more information.

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